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Trigger Me
Trigger Me
Something, something, something...
With each pause I make,
Leaving fractured images of things
Some lost, some true, some drawn
Drug painstakingly through mud and dust
Seen only in ink puddles spilt over blur lined pages
Like sutras sewn with unsure hands
Wavering, with my heart
Like this WiFi signal that keeps me here
Connected to a chance
A chance for you to break my heart again tonight
With the sound of a voice that, like a gun
Has pierced one too many holes through this soul
Left to bleed alone beneath the stars we once loved
Alone and quiet, behind an empty garage
Under stolen lonely covers, Sooth secret whispers to reply
Longing and afraid
Till this insanity creates a friend
Something to keep me alive
Something to remind me how to feel
Something... Bitter
Something far from real  
Something comforting in its certainty
Unreal, how it chokes me from the inside out.
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 0
C -R- N
C -R- N
Somewhere lost in awkward places
and Situations
Buried beneath rubble
Like looking through glass and water
With cancerous trails of grey and blue smoke wisps
Tracing over scars
Invisible to all but the demons
Like crazed circus animals
Toys, found at my feet
With blood splatter and a hint of horror
Only found in vivid imaginations
Like dreams we would label nightmares
Something only true to “Should have’s”, and “What if’s”
The things that etch away quietly at, now, fragile glass
Remnants of two hearts held on shaking palms
Long since laid to waste
Ever beating away
Spraying blackness, tainting the figures hidden from clear eyes
As they drown in the water, and beat swollen fists upon this glass prison
Their souls, slipping away to join the gentle wisps
Ever reminding me
Of how…
Of when…
Of the un explainable, no, the repudiable why
I warned You…
Do You remember…?
That You should Hate me…
That nigh
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 0 0
Xtacy  by Cojjinsecrets
Mature content
Xtacy :iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 0
Falling Pedals
Falling Pedals
If the world could think...
Do you think it's suicide would be as beautiful as the poetry it writes
With ours now?  
So fleeting, with a touch of familiarity.  
Something that could only be for you.  
The world is spinning,  
My feet forgot their equilibrium and left this place,
Casting the rest of me into the lines writ from this unkempt tip.  
Dry,  sharp,
... and thirsty.
When chaos becomes it's own shadow, and the birds refuse to accept the sky, Where can I find you?
Will you be there waiting, like the ink from a vase long since tucked away,
For fear of it drying before words beautiful enough... and worthy,
To be drawn from something so... perfect,
Lain across the skin of an angel,  long since bound here
By sins like love..
and lies...
I'd conquer the world
Just to be able to give it to you as payment for the ways you move my words,  
Like gentle hands over finger tip touching,  
And whispered truths behind shy eye
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 0 4
Mature content
She Reminded me of Life. :iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 1 0
Mature content
Inner-Warrent :iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 0 0
Mature content
Echoes of an Oblivion :iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 1 1
The sun is gone and I've left this place
The sun is gone and I've left this place
The clouds clear away with harsh breaths and frantic flailing
Something masked and hidden, like a private display of insanity
Of weakness
Revealing tear streaks through the layers of dust dirt grime and blood
The things that now make up my worn face
Like a mask that fails to hide the disgust I wear behind my eyes as I stare coldly at your face
A constant reminder of who I am, and who I cannot be
Teasing and taunting me until I begin to shake
Then like an elixir coursing through my veins, it all drifts away
Transforming into violent screams and uncoordinated strikes of fury
Targets unknown, and insignificant
I am weak
I am lost
I am trying
So very hard, if just to understand why the world blankets itself in a shade of darkness
Too thick for me to penetrate
Too strong for me to hold, and too barren to grasp
I’m laying here in the middle of my mind
A feeble excuse for a human
Curled in a ball and dirty
Tears melting through the plateau
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 1
A Lonely Morning
A Lonely Morning
Memories and dreams compete for their place
Like shadows over pupils and eyelids made of sand
Itching, and scratching at the surface of reality
I am cut, sautéed by sharp lines of poetry
The seepage fills me slowly, like bread in wine
Leaving me sluggish with liquid regret
Things that won’t form tears, too far beyond and yet, beckoning at their surface
Poetry I can’t write, but can feel
Like ants across my skin in a world of trees for men
The strings of a violin pull at the frayed and fractured ends of things you once saved
Useless now, and forgotten
Except in these mornings where the bed stays warm, and the sheets wont listen
Leading way to childish wants and lusts, like a fabrication I refuse to awaken from
Begging to be pulled into the fabric itself
Turn me into thread, if just to sew me into your path once more
And use me to keep the frost at bay
The way we used to dream about
So long ago
Too long ago
I wish I hadn't met you…
For I was
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 0
Time is like water, ever moving and yet so constricted
Offering reflections of things lost in it, and found in it
A mirror, a cupboard, a portal to another world
Something found in dreams, and yet so deceiving to our reality.
Take me under, with every word you won’t speak
And tell me of things I have lost
Take me under, in the way you won’t let go
As I drift away downstream, so far away
Take me under, and hold me tight as I drown in the depths of something I won’t forget
Something, I’m not so sure was real
Something, something, something
It’s always something
Except you
You’re Everything, and I can’t explain why.
Don’t forget me, as the water rises and the tide comes to wash away footprints
Because this water is so cold, and I think I've been drowning since then.
(You only ever need ask, for my pen belongs to you)
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 2
Repeating Disarray
Repeating Disarray
She walks swiftly, with no turn of head
As the cold wind blows through her hair, again
A repeating memory of souls long since frozen over
Tell me a story, with words spun so swiftly
You talk too fast, quick as a blade
Let the words cut away with small cuts and times since passed
Like the wires you hung yourself with, yeah, like the wires you held me down with
The sky is irrelevant, the taste of the wind
The feel of the dirt beneath my lips, and the taste of blood on my tongue
Meaningless hypocrisy of the ravine you've dragged me to
Dug with your bare hands, leaving trails of empty dials and numberless calls
Can't you hear what you're saying
When you scream at me so loud
Unheard and untold, these rotten flowers are the only sign
Of a timeless age so long ago
Never ending, a still frame of empty reels
Strung up from the rafters with the negatives and potential failures
Hung there with me
You're useless.
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 1 0
Tones everybody, Tones
Tones everybody, Tones.
Tell me, what are you?
I am… Changing, un-constant, Selfish, Weird, Knowledgeable, Human, Monster, Animal, Cells, Alive, Atoms, Molecules, Skin and tissue, Fascinating, lovable, caring, ignorant, rude, loud, quiet, tired, sad, intriguing, emotionless, Disgusting, Sick, young, old, incredible, old news, forgotten, a memory, a child, a man, a nuisance, Depressing, intricate…
Rhythmic entrances and prolonged points
The exaggeration to the solution
A fix of lip, turn of the cheek
"Transfixed" a goal, instead of occurrence
Passion, almost forgotten in the ever present scent of it
Carved and traced, like wood over face
Can't you see why I am?
Behind the reflections and paintings, lost in the scratch marks
Imperfections to give character
Self-taught and ever learning
A writer, with words drawn across the fabrics that hold your free will
A temptation, tasteful and desired, Misleading and counter productive
Like a game of chess, whi
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 4 3
With every word you won't say
It spreads with vengeance
This undying urge to self-detonate
Petty excuses, Empty threats and self-spun Drama
Beauty queen seen by mirrors long since shattered
Plague my eyes with dust and time
Waste my time away as I feel it burn through my arms
No one to blame, nothing to say
Self-dissection never felt so necessary
As when you laid your hands on me for the first time
I can still remember every little detail.
I live my days, lost in that minute
As my life slowly decays in front of me
Turning an eye, blinded by tears, to this misfortune
A Dissension of self-wrought turmoil
Petty and alone
A repeating memory of when I found the missing piece to my life
A hole, a gap, a remedy, a cure for this disease I used as a Pathogen to your cruelty
Once a burning passion of fear and misery, now an empty shell of pain
You left me bleeding there, alone
And I'll never forgive you
For being so unforgiving
Crying Hypocrisy, I hope you live forever as you slo
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 3 0
Mature content
The reason :iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 0
From Miss Musica
Dear: Miss. Musica
My mind is racing, images of lights and euphoric shapes
Misrepresentative of memories and feelings brought to life within
Like a hole.
I am spinning now, in this world of gaseous nonsense
Forgetting why and whence I came
Play strong the role of story teller, a peddler of thoughts to some
A role of a mannequin for others, plastic falseness hidden behind the dodging retorts
A fairy tale of ones and zeros found with twenty or so
Remember, trustworthy is such a word, as you would write.
Matchbook struck, Reality ignites
A falsehood found only within the hearts of readers everywhere.
Spell me your letters, I'll have writ them already
Remember, Time is only the Space between.
I miss you, my lady of song
The tone of chord struck with a whisper
The lingering essence of misfortune
I am disease
Like a hole
I'll ingest it all, and steal your curtain call my love
Impatiently awaiting that familiar sound, something I cannot even put to name
A lost fragrance, a touch-less a
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 2 1
The soil turns with the wind
Gust by gust, tossing secrets and memories of ways pass
Time, just a story of movement and changes
Ever repeating, ever reminding
Something you can't hold
Like a feeling
Slipping away right when it hurts so good
Like the dust of the earth
Joy, a thing of the ever leaving past
Leaving me to wake to this ever present disappointment.
The falling motion
May cause motion sickness.
:iconcojjinsecrets:Cojjinsecrets 4 9

Random Favourites

Mortgage my Mind by RedWombat Mortgage my Mind :iconredwombat:RedWombat 5 29
Let me kiss it all away.
It was one of those days,
where the stars are light in the sky
and the moon is bright,
and the sun covered in clouds.
It was one of those days,
that, in turning,
I wouldn't've minded
meeting you.
I wouldn't mind hardly ever
I suppose.
But it was one of those days,
when I wanted you to come around the corner.
It was full of sleepy looks,
and fuzzy vision
as I've lost again
my glasses.
I thought;
Why, you could stand just there
and then we'd go off together for coffee
or lunch,
or whatever really.
The point is, would be I'd be going off with you,
and I could hold your sorrow on the tip of my tongue,
and then kiss it all away.
:iconredwombat:RedWombat 2 17
Broken Machina by Heavynova Broken Machina :iconheavynova:Heavynova 0 9
Untitled 'I Despise' Prequel
What have you done
Where have you gone
Fade away into nothing
As I walk along
Alone again and
Fine again
You say you're fine
And alive inside

Head's are turning
As you walk around blind
Stop and stare at you
And laugh inside
Headlights flashing
On a no-smoking sign
All your efforts have been in vain
And I feel fine

Shine the light onto your weary face
I see you shudder
As I look
In disgrace
You say you're fine
And alive inside

Head's are turning
As you walk around blind
Stop and stare at you
And laugh inside
Headlights flashing
On a no-smoking sign
All your efforts have been in vain
And I feel fine

I stare into your eyes
And now...
I despise
:iconheavynova:Heavynova 2 4
Corset by Heavynova Corset :iconheavynova:Heavynova 2 1 KoRn Jonathan And Fieldy by Heavynova KoRn Jonathan And Fieldy :iconheavynova:Heavynova 10 25 Bubble Fantail COLOR by Heavynova Bubble Fantail COLOR :iconheavynova:Heavynova 8 10 Shower-hair. by RedWombat Shower-hair. :iconredwombat:RedWombat 3 11
Where did you come from [to take my mind so quickly]?
I remember the scent of roses, across the midnight stars.
    Have I met you? Before?
I think perhaps, by the way that our voices dance, it must be true.
   there must have been a moment,
      when we knew each other, from before.
I told my mind, when I listened to you speak
   that it was crazy
in a very strange way.
And it told me that it knew things I did not.
And so I acquiesced to it.
Being lost is something new, every time it happens.
There is some same-ness, to be sure.
Some feeling of....knowledge, previous happenstance.
    Perhaps I am simply wishing for things I haven't known before.
My mind sticks sometimes, in strange circles
and I do not know how to fix it.
I think, when sitting alone in coffee shops,
that you would be most welcome
:iconredwombat:RedWombat 2 10
Grain Elevators by RedWombat Grain Elevators :iconredwombat:RedWombat 3 20 Spacy by nevergetfooledagain Spacy :iconnevergetfooledagain:nevergetfooledagain 3 16 inside out by StannLeigh inside out :iconstannleigh:StannLeigh 169 43 Wild At Heart by kedralynn Wild At Heart :iconkedralynn:kedralynn 1,470 0 The End. by azuzephre The End. :iconazuzephre:azuzephre 2,898 579 Flower by skysa Flower :iconskysa:skysa 4 7 the dark corners of the mind by skysa the dark corners of the mind :iconskysa:skysa 3 11



Will Snap at You
United States
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Like reptiles...
Cept not so direct, per say
As they do in the flesh, leaving trails and shells
Imprints of textures and signs of life
My soul and mind shed now
but more like a caterpillar
The creature underneath this impression
it spreads new shapes yet unseen and unknown in this world
something drawn by feeble hands and immaculate thoughts

I'm guilty and we both know it
So lets see what honesty can paint
My brush set is made of Sharply turning mucosa 
and colors drawn from spilling my viscera across this table...


Dynasty by cogwurx Dynasty :iconcogwurx:cogwurx 384 142 Bounce by cogwurx Bounce :iconcogwurx:cogwurx 351 93 It doesn't remind of anything by Kaeldra-1 It doesn't remind of anything :iconkaeldra-1:Kaeldra-1 75 24 art??? by pebaline art??? :iconpebaline:pebaline 879 144 The Point of No Return by Kaeldra-1 The Point of No Return :iconkaeldra-1:Kaeldra-1 37 11 D u S t by Kaeldra-1 D u S t :iconkaeldra-1:Kaeldra-1 11 21 songwriter cd cover 1 by spooksydaisy songwriter cd cover 1 :iconspooksydaisy:spooksydaisy 6 4 You're not here by Kaeldra-1 You're not here :iconkaeldra-1:Kaeldra-1 46 34


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